Village Healthcare Course

The Village Healthcare Course (VHC) is a 12-week intensive course focused on bringing Primary Healthcare to a village context. The first two weeks are focused on the discipleship part of healthcare as well as opening up an opportunity for you to be discipled during this course. The following weeks are full of material on how to properly operate a village aid post and provide care within the scope of a Village Healthcare Worker (VHW).

The calling of a village healthcare worker (VHW) goes far beyond delivering healthcare. They play an integral role in the community by leading meetings, planning health promotion events and, facilitating community fellowship. A responsible VHW also understands the routes of patient referral between health professionals, are able to manage finances and, fill out Health Information System (HIS) reports effectively and efficiently.

You will be studying and living in a beautiful paradise; The Pacific Island Nation of Vanuatu! You will also be studying alongside local Ni-Vanuatu students, preparing to take their training back to their home villages. Come join us and gain firsthand experience in cross-cultural communication, learning, and teaching!

Info Needed:


  • April 8th to June 27th 2019
  • Students may start arriving on the weekend of the 6th of April 2019 and should prepare to leave the weekend of the 29th.


  • $3000 USD per student
  • Shared accommodation and food included
  • Cost does not include air conditioning and WIFI
  • Air conditioning 100 Vatu/Hour (1 USD)
  • WIFI is 200 Vatu/500mb (2 USD)
  • A bus fare from the base into town is 150 Vatu (1.50 USD)
  • Rides with the ministry vans are 100 Vatu/Kilometer
  • Washer 300 Vatu and the dryer is 500 Vatu (drying lines are available for free)