About this Course:

The heart behind working in a lab reaches beyond science and knowledge. In order to serve those in the community the best, the students of the Diagnostic Lab Course (DLC) will learn tools to answer the question, “Why is this person sick?” The curriculum also includes foundational values from a Biblical worldview on science and discipleship. You will be studying and living in a beautiful paradise, alongside local Ni-Vanuatu students, preparing to take their training back to their home villages.

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The DLC is a 12-week intensive course based on learning how to diagnose and treat specific diseases endemic to tropical areas. The DLC is divided into three modules: Parasitology, Haematology, and Microscopy. Each module contains lecture style sessions as well as hands-on learning in the laboratory at the Family Care Center (FCC).

Come join us for a life enriching opportunity in cross-cultural communication, learning, and teaching!

Info Needed:


  • $3000 USD per student
  • Shared accommodation and food included
  • Cost does not include air conditioning and WIFI
  • Air conditioning 100 Vatu/Hour (1 USD)
  • WIFI is 200 Vatu/500mb (2 USD)
  • A bus fare from the FCC into town is 150 Vatu (1.50 USD)
  • Rides with the ministry vans are 100 Vatu/Kilometer
  • Washer 300 Vatu and the dryer is 500 Vatu (drying lines are available for free)


  • September 2nd to November 22nd 2020
  • Students may start arriving on the weekend of the 31th of August 2019 and be prepared to depart the weekend of the 23rd of November 2019