Running with Raechel


There is nothing more encouraging for the staff on our ships, and at our bases in New Zealand and Vanuatu, than those who give sacrificially. Raechel Keeps does exactly that, running every year to rai...

FCC 2020 MRV Annual Report

report cover

FCC 2020 MRV Annual Report (Click to View)

One by One

Robear 4

Mission work can be slow and uneventful. Many missionaries have given years of service to a nation only to see very little fruit. Yet, sometimes those seeds do eventually take root, and sometimes rath...

Equipping Nation Changers


Graduations celebrate growth, maturing, progress, and movement forward into new beginnings. Recently, Marine Reach’s Family Care Centre in Vanuatu graduated students from two schools. The joint gradua...

Partnership and Prevention Move Toward a Cure


Investing in the health of children is an important way to influence the future health of a community. Many of the health issues treated in the Family Care Centre clinic are preventable conditions. Ho...

Mat Time with Patick

Mat Time-5

A fire crackles in the humid air of Vanuatu.  Young men emerge from the darkness and greet one another, their friendships add a warm glow to the atmosphere.  This gathering has greater purposes than s...

A New Hope


In a remote corner of the vast South Pacific, several years ago a little girl named Michellin lay on her bed dying, 80% of her body covered in painful blisters and wounds from a rare skin disease. Ger...

A healing story from Dephney

David group

Last week I led a team of five people to Tanna to recruit and equip young people for our upcoming DTS in July. We had the most amazing week spending time with the students and helping them fill out th...

Green Hill


Here is the latest news from our healthcare team. They took a trip to green hill to teach basic First Aid and provide some supplies: The road to Green Hill is better described as a track than a road. ...

Outreach to Santo


I recently returned from an outreach to Santo and Malo, two islands that were badly affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold in March. On arrival I could see just how huge the damage was and how great the ...