Marine Reach

Marine Reach Vanuatu  is a not-for-profit, interdenominational, international Christian organisation part of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) movement. Marine Reach Vanuatu is registered as a Charitable Association with the VFSC. Marine Reach Vanuatu is committed to providing medical and dental care, education and community development projects to communities and individuals in need in Vanuatu.

In past years, Marine Reach’s ship, the M/V Pacific Hope, carried volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists and ophthalmologists to locations not easily accessible. By coming alongside local health personnel in remote villages, Marine Reach Vanuatu has seen hundreds of patients receive eyesight back through cataract surgeries, and thousands more have been given reading glasses and dental treatment. Since the beginnings of Marine Reach Vanuatu, we have put a focus on Primary Health Care to bring health education and resources to local individuals.

At the present, Marine Reach Vanuatu’s primary focus is on the Family Care Centre.

Family Care Centre

Established in 2016 by Marine Reach Vanuatu, the Family Care Centre (FCC) is a missions centre located in Teouma Valley, just a short drive from the capital city of Port Vila. The FCC’s mission is to serve the people of Vanuatu by demonstrating God’s love and values through providing medical and dental care, community and personal development, and YWAM courses including the Discipleship Training School (DTS).

The FCC’s facilities include classrooms and administrative spaces, accommodation tailored for volunteers, teams, and students, a fully-equipped medical and dental clinic, and a recreational field dedicated to fostering community engagement. This comprehensive centre serves as a dynamic hub, seamlessly integrating community, health, education, fellowship, and spiritual development, creating a positive impact on the lives of those it touches.

At the core of Marine Reach Vanuatu is the value, “To know God and to make Him known”. This statement is the essence of Marine Reach Vanuatu’s worldview. We believe that we are called to “Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and then to love our neighbour as ourselves” (Luke 20:27).

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The Family Care Centre is not  just a facility to change the lives of individuals , but also that of the nation as a whole. Working closely in support of Government agencies our aim is to provide a Christ-centered support system for families suffering from domestic violence. Training, medical, spiritual care and our “keep Safe” programs in local schools makeup the four basic components of our program.

Your partnership is crucial to see us move forward every year in touching the lives of hundreds of women and children who have so much potential but so little opportunity. Your one off or monthly donations will make a big difference in allowing us to make a difference.

David and Linda Cowie