Solar Panels Installed at the FCC

Participating in ministry comes in all shapes and forms, especially at the Family Care Centre! Volunteer contributions from medical and dental skills to plumbing and maintenance, hospitality and cooking, to installing solar panels – they are all ways that our God-given skills and knowledge and experience can be used for His glory.

Recently, Tauranga local Paul Metcalfe, a builder and electrician by trade, was able to make a trip over to the Family Care Centre in Vanuatu and supervise the installation of 16 solar panels on the roof of the FCC. The solar panels were a generous donation to the FCC.

The process of installing these solar panels was no small undertaking as the FCC staff and Paul had to creatively hoist the panels up a make-shift ramp onto the roof, all undertaken in typically warm, tropical weather and hot roof surfaces. There were also additional hurdles regarding the wiring power input from the solar panels matching up to the breaker box, and deciphering the instructions, which were not in English or any language read or spoken by the installation crew!

But the solar panels were successfully installed, and operational by the time Paul returned home.  The installation of these solar panels will help to decrease operating costs in the long run as the FCC can utilise solar generated energy. FCC Director, Anna Huntington, is looking forward to how the solar panels will help decrease the FCC’s monthly power bill.

Additionally, the presence of the option of solar power will mean that, even during tropical storms or their aftermaths when main power is inaccessible, the FCC will potentially be able to continue offering services relying on electrical power.

Anna reflects on the experience of putting the solar panels up and her hopes for their addition to the FCC: “I have dreamed of adding solar to our facilities for a long time in order to reduce our operating costs as well as access power when the grid goes down. Thanks to several individuals donating their resources, time and skills, that dream is starting to be realised.”

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