Mat Time Update

Next month will mark the 4 year anniversary of the launch of “Mat Time,” which is a weekly outreach and discipleship program to the men of Vanuatu. 

When it was initially launched, Mat Time occurred in only one location (at the Family Care Centre). Now, 208 weeks later, Mat Time occurs three times weekly. These weekly interactions allow anywhere from 20 to 50 NiVanuatu men, ranging in age from teenagers to young adults, to engage in conversations and receive teaching around what is the role and identity of a man, and what it means to live as a godly man in their families and communities.

In a relationally-oriented nation such as Vanuatu, developing trust-filled relationships is key to making an impact on people’s lives, and Mat Time is one way that such relationships have been sought and allowed to grow.

Edward Saveke, who coordinated Mat Time during the 2023 year, noted that relational trust and through that, the ability to have real, meaningful, impactful conversations, was a big encouragement to the Mat Time team. Discipleship is often built on a foundation of time and consistency, and the Mat Time ministry has certainly endeavoured to show up in these men’s lives consistently over the long haul.

Looking forward toward this 5th year of ministry, the FCC is hoping to expand Mat Time to more communities. Our greatest need at the moment is more staff to facilitate Mat Time in new locations. We are also hoping to do more one on discipleship with some of the young men we have spent the last few years building relationships with. 

Would you please pray for the young men attending Mat Time to continue to grow and live out what they’re learning. Also pray for more staff to join the Mat Time team. 

You can be involved in supporting the ministry of Mat Time by participating in our fundraising efforts for our upcoming DTS at the Family Care Centre. As more NiVan men get discipled and trained to follow Jesus, pray that more men see the value in participating in the Mat Time Team.

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