Malekula Medical Outreach Report

One of FCC nurse Estera Badulescu’s dreams for her time serving at the FCC has been to organise and participate in multiple medical outreach opportunities within Vanuatu.

The FCC regularly sends out mobile medical clinics to villages on Efate island (or the small islands accessible by banana boat just off of Efate), but due to additional logistical challenges, it isn’t as often that the FCC clinic staff get to travel to other islands within the Vanuatu island chain.

However, as Estera dreamed and prayed for an opportunity to facilitate a medical outreach within 2023, the Lord opened a door for the FCC clinic staff to travel to the island of Malekula for a 5 day outreach clinic. This trip involved inter-island flights, setting up a mobile clinic, as well as shutting down the FCC clinic for the duration of the outreach. The outreach team had to fundraise for their costs, as well as for the medical supplies needed for the outreach.

During the outreach, the mobile clinic was able to serve more than 140 patients with a variety of issues. They were treated for HTN, wound care, knee and back pain and other illnesses. It was given out reading glasses and education about hygiene and healthy diet, and physiotherapy exercises.  

Estera shares about the experience: “It was amazing to see how God cares for his people. A pastor of a community in south Malekula, desperately has been asking for a medical team to be sent. The Lord gave me this opportunity and asked me to jump on it. He provided for everything: an easy medical team, finances, brought the right people to get checked, gave us an amazing host family, and brought to the team a great joy even in the middle or the challenges. Being able to pack all medical supplies and get our backpacks ready for a week of adventures to reach this remote place was an incredible experience!”

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