In 2019, DTS student Estera Badulescu stepped out of an aeroplane into the warm, humid air of Port Vila to serve the people of Vanuatu with her nursing skills for 7 weeks of outreach.

During that time, Estera’s heart grew to love the people of Vanuatu and she saw how she could help to fill a huge need for medical care in the nation.

Just before the Covid pandemic, in October 2019, Estera found herself stepping off another plane onto the Port Vila tarmac, and this time she knew she was ready to make this nation home for the next season of her life.

Estera’s day to day life looks like prepping the clinic to be ready to receive patients, organising  medical teams, doing medical consultations, organising the pharmacy and other supplies, and keeping good relations with the Ministry of Health.

Having lived and worked in Vanuatu for more than three years now, Estera reflects on her duration so far at the Family Care Centre: “Working on the community’s primary health is a very satisfying job as I can improve people’s health and pray for my patients and see God’s working through our ministry. It has not always been easy, I had to step out in so many new responsibilities as clinic manager, but the Lord has always been one step ahead of me, giving me the strength and wisdom needed with every challenge.”

Estera shares, “The Lord has put on my heart to focus on bringing medical assistance and His love to remote villages and communities. I hope to organise more medical outreaches to places where there aren’t any medical facilities or where the patients need to take several types of transport to reach help. With the skills, knowledge and support from the FCC, I’m excited to pursue this dream for the next months and years.”

The ongoing work of the Family Care Centre would not be possible without the dedication and loving service of medical professionals who are willing to use their knowledge to bless the people of Vanuatu. We are so grateful for Estera’s service.

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