One of the most encouraging things about our Family Care Centre in Vanuatu is the
international community who give up their time and money to participate in serving others
in a developing nation. Recently several people joined us from the Netherlands to help in
areas where support was needed.

Dr. Nadja Zorge from the Netherlands along with her parents were a huge blessing. This
amazing family (photo) made a powerful team at the FCC, with Marjet helping at the local
school and Rien installing a new suction pump (photo) for our dental clinic. Dr. Nadja has
been working at the FCC since June this year. She shares, “I feel called to do this mission
work, to care for others that do not have the resources we have back at home, and to have
compassion on them like Jesus would.”

Sadly, despite the new suction pump, our two dental clinics are currently not in operation
due to a shortage of dentists.

Tim and Elzeline van der Kooij (photo) currently staff at the Marine Reach base in Tauranga,
but during the month of August they were able to come support the work happening in
Vanuatu. They, along with baby Leilani, provided joy and practical support, with Tim not
only cooking but also running a Bible study program for the staff.

Jiska Thijsen has also been living in Vanuatu since visiting on her DTS outreach last year. She
regularly serves in the hospitality team and kitchen, completing the cooking team. This kind
of real, practical support is essential to keeping the Centre running.

The true heart of every ministry is those who serve in whatever capacity. They are part of
every patient that walks through the door of our clinic, every young man that attends our
“Mat Time” program and every child that hears our “Keep Safe” programs in the schools in
the nation. As we begin looking to 2024 we continue to look for men and women who are
team players with servant hearts.

Specifically, if you are a dentist that would be inclined to support the work at the FCC,
please visit our website: