Several years ago, Patick Jonny started a weekly gathering in Teouma Valley, Efate, for men of the community. He called this time, “Mat Time,” and utilised the opportunity for relationship development to disciple the men of Vanuatu into living a life that honours God.

Although Patick has relocated to New Zealand with his family, Mat Time has continued and even grown since it launched in March 2020.

The Family Care Centre continues this year with four consistent Mat Time Meetings every week. There are 2 weekly meetings on site in our Nakamal (meeting house). One group from the Teouma Valley community, and one group brought in from the nearby community of Etas. Mat Time also meets in two other local communities every week, Rentapao and Eratap. And there are plans to expand even further in the future.

Edward Saveke has taken charge of coordinating Mat Time for this year (2023), and he shares: “Mat Time is going well. One big testimony is that we can see the growing trust between us and the young men. The relationship is amazing when we have our meetings. Slowly they are coming to understand the Father’s love.”

The Family Care Centre has hosted some special events to deepen relationships in the community among the men. Including a weekend conference in June 2021, in which 40-60 locals attended. Around 35-40 of the men attending committed or rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ.

Since then, there have been some smaller scale special events that include BBQ sports days, movie nights, and some joint events of having youth from multiple Mat Time locations with teaching and small group time.

Although there are many challenges to discipling a nation, reaching the hearts of the men is an important step in seeing lasting change among the women, the children, and the society at large. 

Please join us in praying for Mat Time: that the leaders would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s direction, that the communities involved in Mat Time would be experiencing their hearts being transformed, and that men of all ages would come to follow Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

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