In 2021, Wilson Kalpat made a decision that would transform his life.  Growing up in North Efate, Vanuatu, Wilson had some connection to church and the Lord, but he didn’t feel it was all it could be. So he chose to participate in a Discipleship Training School at the Family Care Centre just outside Port Vila.

Wilson shares, “Before doing my DTS, my personal relationship with God was not really good. I went to church and led youth and stuff, but my life was still full of sin. Through DTS, I experienced a lot of things, especially how to listen to God.  And during Holy Spirit week, He really touched my heart, and I received some gifts of the Holy Spirit. After DTS, I feel like I can do so many more things than I could before as I depend on God and as He leads me.”

Having experienced the profound impact of participating in a Discipleship Training School and encountering the Lord, Wilson committed to staying on at the FCC to staff for a season.

His hospitable, servant-hearted, extroverted personality – combined with his knack for loving people well and embracing a little crazy – are a great fit for his role on the Core team at the Family Care Centre, providing leadership to the Centre.  He is in charge of Hospitality and Community Programs, allowing him to rely on the Lord in multiple capacities and use his natural talents for impacting the people and communities around him.

Fellow staff members appreciate the unique contribution his personality makes to the staff team; qualities like bringing people together, keeping things organised, jumping in to help wherever needed, and providing calmness to team dynamics make his presence a tremendous blessing.

In the future, Wilson would love to do a secondary school with YWAM and go back to University, but for now, he’s happy to be supporting the mission and goal of the Family Care Centre.

We are so thankful for Wilson’s faithful contribution and service to the Family Care Centre!

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