Last month, we asked you to pray that two of the FCC nurses, Anna Harris and Estera Badulescu, would be able to return to Vanuatu after experiencing delays in their return plans.

We are thankful to share that before the newsletter was even in your hands, Anna and Estera were approved for a special flight to re-enter Vanuatu, landed in Port Vila, and started their quarantine at a local hotel! What an incredible (early) answer to your prayers!

Anna has served as a nurse with the Family Care Centre for years, helping to establish the clinic in Teouma Valley. But her father’s long fight against cancer ended in January 2021, and Anna was ready to spend time with her family after four years of investment in Vanuatu. Anna was able to go home to grieve with her family and support her mother through the transition. Due to covid, the date for Anna’s return to Vanuatu changed multiple times, and she ended up having to reschedule her flight on three different occasions.

She shares, “It was very challenging to be home for an unspecified amount of time, but through that time God taught me to trust Him with the plans and His timing, and to be faithful to what he put before me each day.”

Estera returned to Switzerland in July 2021 for her brother’s wedding. Her time at home coincided with renewing her Vanuatu visa, and she focused on sharing about God’s work in Vanuatu, encouraging her family and friends in their walk with the Lord, and working as a nurse in nursing homes, which was a large cultural adjustment after extended time in Vanuatu.

Her visa application was finally approved in January, and Estera scheduled flights to return in early March, but two days prior to leaving, Vanuatu’s border restrictions changed again, delaying her plans. However, the Lord used the change to allow Estera to attend her sister’s civil wedding ceremony, which she would have missed if her original plan had gone forward.

“God made a way for me to get back into Vanuatu in a time where nobody was allowed to enter,” Estera recounts.

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