Off the North side of Efate Island (home of the Family Care Centre) Pele island rises from the ocean about 17 kilometres from Efate’s coast. It is home to about 220 residents

The FCC staff made the journey by “banana boat” last year to offer a medical and dental clinic. The clinic was so well received, that the FCC was invited to come back again this year.

In early February, the FCC staff loaded up and made the trek to Pele. During the clinic, they served 53 patients, 11 of which were dental patients. They offered medication, prayer, and saw the Lord do one miraculous healing on the spot.

Several staff members also ran fun kids programs and did dental education and diabetes prevention education. These forms of relationship building and preventative primary care opportunities help to empower the community members (of all ages) on how to make wise health decisions.

During the course of the day, a 6-week-old little girl was brought to the clinic presenting with multiple boils on her head and a high fever. FCC Nurse, Mel, and her medical team made the decision to offer to take the baby and the baby’s mother back to Port Vila for more robust medical care. The staff were concerned that the baby was likely showing signs of sepsis, needing ongoing monitoring and potentially IV antibiotics and fluids.

On the way back, the sea had gotten rough, so the FCC staff had some harrowing moments on the boats. But God’s care for the FCC covered even the boat ride, and everyone made it safely to Efate’s shore. The FCC staff were able to transport the baby girl and her mother to the emergency room in Port Vila for further follow up care.

The Pop Up Clinic was deemed successful by the staff, and they look forward to future opportunities to serve and interact with the people of Pele Island. Please pray for the people of Pele Island, that this clinic would open their hearts and eyes to a genuine relationship with Jesus. For more information on the FCC, go to: