For the past 11 weeks, FCC nurse Melissa Johnny has facilitated a weekly antenatal class for expectant women. The class was developed two years ago, with the desire to empower women through knowledge about how their bodies work, and how their babies form and grow.

These women were primarily from Eratap and Teouma Valley.  The class was a good mixture of first-time mamas and those who have already had children.

The class covered such topics as baby growth and development both inside the womb and after birth, changes mum will experience, what to expect around birth, domestic violence, and healthy relationships. The class heavily emphasized promoting health and supportive networks for mums so that the women can have all the support and encouragement she needs through this time.

Over the course of the class, five of the women gave birth, and the class will evolve into Mum’s and Bub’s time next year. Melissa’s heart is to create a safe space for mums to stay connected, fostering an environment that champions young mums. 

Melissa reflects on her time with the women: “I LOVE this class! It is presented in such a fun, loving way that empowers women to know and understand how God created our bodies to uniquely and beautifully bring new life into this world. During the closing, many mothers reflected on what they had learnt during the class and exclaimed how much more equipped they felt for the birth and delivery of their babies. That is what the class is all about, and I am so thrilled that these beautiful mamas felt so much more peace and confidence during this time.”

As we celebrate Christmas and think about the humility of God to come to earth as a baby, we are reminded of all the opportunities around us to love the littlest, most helpless members of our world. We trust that this antenatal class was an expression of that love to these women and their children.