There is nothing more encouraging for the staff on our ships, and at our bases in New
Zealand and Vanuatu, than those who give sacrificially. Raechel Keeps does exactly that,
running every year to raise money for Marine Reach and our various projects around the
world. Based out of Christchurch, New Zealand, Raechel recently ran in traditional Vanuatu
dress to raise money for a new steriliser for The Family Care Centre.

2020-2021 has been an eventful year for Raechel. She feels especially blessed for the
opportunity to continue running competitively at a time when sporting events throughout
the world have been canceled. The medical outreaches within the South Pacific have been
affected also. However, this has not hampered her fundraising efforts with her primary
focus set upon a sterilizer for the Vanuatu Family Care Centre – currently, an electric frying
pan is being used to sterilize their dental and medical equipment!

Her most recent event was competing in the 102km Tarawera Ultra Marathon. While taking
just over 16 and a half hours to complete, it gave her plenty of opportunities to think about
the “why” to her running adventures, motivating her to do her best for the FCC in Vanuatu.

Building up to the Tarawera she competed in the 33km Able Tasman Classic, a stunning
piece New Zealand coastal trail, and the 53km Crater Rim, uniquely beautiful and
challenging with steep and technical terrain. This April she plans to run the 85km Old Ghost
trail on the west coast with friends, followed by the Routeburn in beautiful Fiordland along
with a 50km Taupo Ultra in October.

This amazing woman has now raised thousands for Marine Reach and continues to be an inspiration to us all.