Graduations celebrate growth, maturing, progress, and movement forward into new beginnings. Recently, Marine Reach’s Family Care Centre in Vanuatu graduated students from two schools. The joint graduation event included delicious food, music, brightly coloured dresses, and formally congratulating the graduates.

The Family Care Centre’s Discipleship Training School is a five-month discipleship program designed to prepare students to live victorious Christian lives out in their communities. The school gives the students the fundamental skills on how to make right choices, reject those influences that are contrary to biblical values, and communicate the message of the gospel within their cultural environment.

Andrea Wenger, one of the DTS staff from last year, recounts, “Students discover that God is not just a power out there, but a Father with whom they can have a personal relationship with. That He is a God of relationship who they can talk to and who impacts their lives.”

This recent graduating class of thirteen demonstrates Marine Reach’s commitment to continuing to invest in the people of Vanuatu through running Discipleship Training Schools.

Simultaneously, the Family Care Centre’s Medical Internship Program graduated its first three students. These students served alongside the FCC’s healthcare professionals in the medical clinic during the duration of their course. They learned skills on how to relate to their patients, the basics of putting their patients through triage, and treating patients for basic wound care.

Anna Harris, long-term FCC staff, developed and oversaw the program: “Having the opportunity to train students is a rewarding experience. Each student is like a treasure box ready to be discovered and unlocked; it just takes some time and patience to find the right key to unlock their potential. It is beautiful to watch them discover more about themselves and grow as individuals over the course.”

With the borders still closed because of Covid19, the FCC’s training programs were limited in 2020 but will grow significantly in 2021 with the arrival of more international staff to help run the schools as the borders open.

Empowering these young people through relevant programs gives them confidence and the skills to serve their villages as they return to their communities. Expressing Christ’s love in a practical and meaningful way always results in many seeking to know more about God’s love and compassion. Training is and always will be a crucial part of reaching a nation for Christ.