Last week I led a team of five people to Tanna to recruit and equip young people for our upcoming DTS in July. We had the most amazing week spending time with the students and helping them fill out their applications. We went to Tanna with the mission of recruiting students, but we knew that God had more in store for us than just that. So even though our time recruiting students was successful and the exact 20 applications that we brought got filled up, I wanted to share a testimony of what God did outside of DTS recruitment.

After the first day of giving out the applications, we felt that God wanted us to go and pray for the sick people in the village where we were staying. David, my little brother, had a knee injury which affected his right leg and prevented him from walking. He has been in pain and immobile for 3 months. Going to Tanna and seeing him like this was very hard for me because usually when I go home he is the first one to come running to me and welcome me home.

We went to his house to pray with him and show the love of Jesus to him. David has such a warm heart and passion for the Lord that makes everyone fall in love with him. During our first visit to his house, we prayed for him and by the evening, we received a message that the pain was completely gone. He used to have severe pain in his hips and God did a miraculous work by healing him from that pain. Praise the Lord!

The next day he requested for us to come back to his house and worship/pray with him again for more healing.

We went back to his house, started worshiping and all of a sudden everyone started weeping. It was so amazing to see how each person on the team carried so much love for David and just stood in the gap for him and asked for more healing. As David’s sister, this brought me so much joy, courage, and hope that YES God sees those hearts and tears, and yes He is in the process to bring a complete healing to David.

After that day, again the Lord healed more of David. He gained back some more strength in is leg and was able to extend it more than before. The nurse on our team, Estera, gave him some physio stretches to continue gaining back movement in his leg. We were amazed and praising the Lord as we watched David do things that he hadn’t done since the accident. He stood up on his own, using wooden crutches he could get around on his own, he bathed himself, and left the house to come to Church with us on Sunday.

Even though we did not see a complete healing, we are trusting the Lord that he is going to do something victorious that will change and impact David’s life and will be a great testimony for him as he grows up.  Please pray with us ask we trust God for complete healing in his body.

Dephney David, age 23, FCC Staff, Vanuatu