Hello! My name is Caleb Jones and I am the Sports Coordinator here at the Family Care Centre. I have only been in this role for a short 3 months, but I have already seen God’s faithfulness and provision on display in some pretty awesome ways. At the Centre, we have a sand volleyball court and a sports field. This has allowed us to put together some Community Sports Days. These sports days have given us the opportunity to invite children, youth and adults from the local community to fellowship through sports and food. It has also allowed us to grow in relationship with one another. Although most of the time is spent playing volleyball, soccer, and rugby, God has blessed us with the added opportunity to truly get to know some of the community members better and grow in deeper relationships that will hopefully lead to long term discipleship.

We have seen a number of the young men who have taken part in the sports days, also join us for ‘Mat Taem’, the ministry that Patrick mentioned a few weeks ago, where men from the community get together one night a week and have a time of fellowship and prayer. It has been so cool to see how God has allowed us to reach individuals and connect with people who may otherwise never have been involved with our other ministries. Through these sports days and the overall sports ministry, we believe that God will continue to open up doors to allow us to share his love to the people of Vanuatu.