A month ago during clinic intercession, the Lord spoke to me about His desire of reaching the communities around us by showing them His love. While I was praying for new opportunities or ideas, I felt that the Lord was already preparing a way. Not too long after, I had the privilege to see God’s hands answering my prayer.

Almost a month ago fear about the CoronaVirus hit Vanuatu. With all the fear and rumors spreading around Vanuatu that COVID-19 was here, we felt that this was our time to pour into our communities and prepare them for what could possibly come. The week after I felt the Lord speaking to me in intercession, we had the idea to organize a training session about preventative measures in facing this pandemic. Our topics were about: What is COVID19? How is it spreading? What actions can we do right now to help people of Vanuatu/this nation?

We called everyone we knew a day before to see if they wanted to participate in our morning training session. We expected to have 10-20 Ni-Vans show up, but God had different plans. God answered our prayers by sending over 60 representatives from 5 different communities. Never before has this happened, we’ve never had that many local people participate in one of our programs before.

The most interesting part of our training was the Q/A sections. They had so many questions and they were bold enough to express their concerns and to fight any doubts by asking. It was so beautiful to see them raising up to be trained and be able help their own communities.  At the end, everyone split into the different villages to think about ways of how they could spread all the new information that they received and which one is the most effective.

One community in particular, Etas (one of the biggest villages in Efate consisting of over 3,000 people), walked throughout their entire village sharing what they learned and teaching them practical ways of preventing illness, namely washing hands. It was amazing to see the way that people responded to the information that we shared.

We are still praising the Lord that we have no confirm cases of COVID19 in Vanuatu!


– Estera, Nurse, Age 25