Patick has recently settled into his new role as the Community and development liaison as well as providing staff support and discipleship.
In January he started running a program called ‘mat time’ every Thursday evening. This program provides a night where men from around the community can come to the Nakamal (meeting house) on the base. There are about 6 men that regularly come each week. What happens during mat time?
At the moment the focus is on building relationships with the men to get to know them. In Vanuatu, our culture is based on relationship, we love to ‘storian’, this means to tell stories and catch up on life. A lot of time is spent chatting, laughing, sharing stories and having good tasty food and warm
drinks around a campfire. The men really love it. Every week before we finish, Patick always asks the men if they have any prayer requests and he prays with them before they go home. Many men ask for physical healing for themselves or for their families and to find paid work. The hope for the program is also to work with these men to help find them work so that they can support and provide for their families and children’s school fees.

Please be praying with us for God’s protection in Vanuatu, for his strength over Patick and the team at the FCC, for wisdom and for new monthly supporters.