As you know, the Corona Virus has been quickly spreading over the world, thankfully Vanuatu do not have any confirmed cases. Vanuatu is a small country with a small population across many islands. While many organisations are dutifully closing their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been given a unique opportunity to stand on the frontlines of this pandemic.

We are continuing to run our primary health care clinic which provides the much needed healthcare to our surrounding communities. We are also reaching out to surrounding communities to promote community awareness and steps of prevention. One example of this is hygiene; limited clean water and education creates increased challenges for sanitation in Vanuatu. This past week our staff invited community advocates from all of the surrounding communities to participate in an information and prevention day about the COVID-19. We were expecting around 20 representatives to attend, but we had over 60 individuals come to the meeting! One pastor stated the he and his community had been praying for someone to help them in this situation. Our clinic staff will continue the prevention education by going out into the various communities this week and do the training with the entire community alongside the community advocates.

With the lockdown in place, it means that all the teams and volunteers who were set to volunteer in the coming months can no longer come. These teams and volunteers are how we are able to cover the costs of running the Family Care Centre. We are in need your help! Please consider supporting our ministry with a financial gist as we are trusting God to provide for us over the coming months.