The Centre’s first team has come and gone. And we have spent some time preparing the facility for our first school!  The Diagnostic Laboratory Course began this week, and the students have all safely arrived!

Three years ago Marine Reach opened the Family Care Centre in Teouma Valley. The Clinic was open two days a week for half of a day. During the first year our faithful nurses saw 362 patients. In the following year that number increased to 1,388 patients. Now, in the first half of 2018, the clinic has helped over 750 patients. As we continue to grow, we expect that our reach will be growing as well.

The FCC is a place for the community to come and feel safe, loved, and valued while they are receiving healthcare. The heart of the clinic is to serve families as a whole in the local, and surrounding communities, with a specific emphasis on women and children. During the time the clinic has been open, the statistics have reflected the vision. 37% of the clinic’s patients are women, 37% children, and the remaining 26% of patients are men.