We are now one week away from our dedication of the new centre. Had you seen the place two weeks ago, you would have said, “This is not possible.” A team from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Tauranga, was on their way, and everything that needed to be painted, was not, the wires that needed to be connected, were not, and the appliances that needed installed, weren’t out of storage. Things looked pretty bleak, but we are not on our own here. We knew that God was going to bring us through and that we would get what we needed done.

When the Build Team arrived we threw in everything and everyone we had to help out where they could. Mornings started at 7:30 and would go until dark. By day three the leader of the team had said they were at least a day ahead of where they expected to be. Things were coming together quickly and it was as if everyone was moving and working as efficiently as possible. By the end of the week, we were able to turn on the lights, and the building was starting to look functional. One of the biggest transformations was the kitchen.


We went from looking at a two month project and now we are sure that we will be ready for the dedication next week. We have entered the Miracle Zone. Please be praying as we finish the final touches to make this building a welcoming community centre.